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Thursday, May 23, 2024 - 11:20:51
How to Find the Model Name & Number of Your Cell Phone:
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n the digital era, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. However, when it comes to selling your phones, repairing, or simply understanding our devices better, knowing the exact model name and number of our cell phone is crucial. This comprehensive guide, brought to you by Gizmogo, will help you easily find the model name, number, and other essential information like the iOS version and serial number for various smartphone brands.Identifying your phone’s specs – The model name and number allow you to look up the exact specifications of your device like processor speed, RAM, storage capacity, etc. This helps you understand your phone’s capabilities.
Getting proper replacements – Knowing the model is needed to find compatible replacement parts and accessories, like batteries, cases, screen protectors, cables, etc.
Troubleshooting issues – When troubleshooting technical issues with your phone, the model details help support technicians identify the problem and solution.
Accessing updated software – New software updates are model-specific. The update won’t work correctly without the right model number.
Selling your phone – Buyers will want to know the model name, number, and IMEI when purchasing a used phone from you. This verifies the device details.
Anti-theft protection – The IMEI is used to blacklist stolen phones or track lost devices. It’s useful for security.
Warranty support – Model and IMEI info is required for warranty claims to verify ownership and eligibility.

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Finding the Model Details on an iPhone

Settings: The simplest way to find your iPhone’s details is through the Settings app. Navigate to General > About, where you can view your iPhone’s iOS Version, Model Name, Model Number, and Serial Number. This method is applicable for all iPhones, especially those compatible with eSIM.

SIM Tray: For the iPhone 8 and later models, the model number is inscribed on the SIM tray. Remove the tray and inspect it under good lighting to find the number.

Back of the iPhone: For older iPhone models, the model number can be found on the back of the device.


Identifying Samsung Phone Models

Back of Your Phone: Most Samsung phones display the model number at the bottom, below the “Designed & Engineered by Samsung” text.

Settings: Access Settings > About Phone to find details like the model number, serial number, and IMEI.

Behind the Battery: Older Samsung models with removable batteries have the model number on a sticker under the battery.


Locating Model Information on Google Phones

Settings: In Google phones, go to Settings, select About Phone, and then Model Number to find your phone’s details, including the Android version.

SIM Tray: Certain Google phone models have the model number in the sim card tray, often starting with “G-” or “G”.

Additional Brands

Finding Model Information on Other Smartphones


Settings: Go to Settings > About Phone to find the model number and other details.

Under the Battery: For models with a removable battery, check under the battery for a label with the model information.


Settings: LG users can find their phone model in Settings > About Phone > Hardware Info.

Battery Compartment: In older models, remove the battery to find a label with the model number.


Settings: Access Settings > About Phone > Model & Hardware to see your Motorola phone’s details.

Under the Battery: For certain models, removing the battery reveals the model number on a sticker.


Settings: OnePlus users can find their model number in Settings > About Phone.

SIM Tray: Some models also have the model number on the SIM tray.

Find other brands here: Model Name & Number of Your Cell Phone.

Gizmogo’s Role in Simplifying Your Tech Needs

At Gizmogo, we understand the importance of accurately identifying your device, whether for selling, upgrading, or seeking support. This guide is part of our commitment to making technology more accessible and user-friendly.


How do I find the iOS version on my iPhone?
Go to Settings > General > About. The iOS version is listed alongside other details.
Where can I find the model number on a Samsung phone with a non-removable battery?
Check the Settings app under About Phone, or look at the bottom of the phone’s back.
Is the model number visible on the SIM tray of all smartphones?
This varies by brand and model. Typically, iPhones and some Google phones have this feature.
How can I find the serial number on an Android phone?
Go to Settings > About Phone. The serial number should be listed there.
Can I identify my phone model if it doesn’t power on?
Yes, check the SIM tray, under the battery, or the back of the phone for a label with model information.
Electronic Buyback Services at Gizmogo

This article is published by NYTech in collaboration with Evertise Studios.

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