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A portfolio company named Netspeak Games has raised $12 million in Series A financing headed by Lakestar and Project A. With the money, the company will be able to quickly grow and fill important positions as it prepares to release its debut game, "Sunshine Days." Netspeak is a portfolio company of Lakestar. Klaus Hommels, a German venture investor, founded Lakestar, a venture capital company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The company looks to invest in startups and growing businesses in the technology and internet industries. With a concentration on the US and Europe, it aids businesses in rapidly expanding into new areas. The group provides portfolio companies with business development, hiring, technology, and marketing guidance and support. Early-stage and growth-stage businesses are both included in the investments. It is a venture capital firm that funds outstanding entrepreneurs' technology businesses. “Lakestar has always been investing and supporting startups in business development, recruitment, technology, and marketing and is pleased that its portfolio company has raised a significant amount of funding”, asserts Klaus Hommels.
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