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The Golden Brain Tonic – PANCHGAVYA NASYA
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Ayurved believes in Living a healthy lifestyle which is not common anymore. Be it Our daily diet intake, sleep cycles, Physical as well as mental fitness, Environment Pollution and many other aspects have led to a situation where we are already flooded with diseases in our bodies.

“Nasha Hi Shiraso Dwaram” (A.H.Su. 20/1). It means the nose is the main doorway to the brain and in turn to our consciousness.

“Aushadhamaushadhsiddho Va Sneho Nashikabhyaam Diyat Iti Nasyam” (Su. Chi. 40/21) – It means, a procedure where the medicated drugs are administered through the nostrils.

उर्ध्व जत्रु विकारेषु विषेशान्नस्य मिष्यते

ना साहित्य शिरसो द्वारं तेन तद्वाप्य हन्तितान् (Asthang Hriday – Sutrasthan 10/1)

The Shlok means that for the disorders dealing with eyes, ears, nose, throat and brain etc, Nasal drops therapy is best suitable.

Nasal passages are considered the gateways to the head. Nasya penetrates the head and neck and cures diseases at their source and thus Nasya medication is usually prescribed for diseases above the shoulders.

Thus, from the above-mentioned Shlok, Nasya is considered extremely important in your daily life as our lifestyles worsen daily.

There are 5 types of Nasya Karma

Virechan Nasya (Cleansing)
Bruhan Nasya (Nutritive)
Shaman Nasya (Sedative)
Navan Nasya
Marsha Nasya

The most popular Nasya are Oil and Ghee. Each of them has its function and indications. We would like to focus on the Nasya which is made from Vedic Churned GAU Ghee. This Ghee when mixed with all the Gavyas obtained from an Indian Breed GAU works as an excellent Brain Tonic for you.

Nasya is the sattva portion (the warmest portion of the Vedic churned ghee) of the Indian breed Gau Ghee which is uniquely blended with the Panchgavya in an appropriate amount which will act as a lubricant for your central nervous system and will be the Right chemistry for your brain and senses. The sattva portion is the liquid part that is always floating above in the Ghee when kept still. This sattva portion is taken out and processed with Panchgavya. The molecules of the sattva portion are so small that they could lubricate the nerves leading to Sringataka Marma. It is these fatty acids that determine the integrity of your brain as well as the ability to function. Panchgavya Nasya when administered into the nostrils will act as Virechan, Bruhan, Shaman and will work for Vat, Pitt and Kaph disorders.

Mechanism of Nasya:
To work, Panchgavya Nasya must reach ‘Sringataka Marma’ (the main vital point of the brain that corresponds to the nerve centers, composed of nerve cells and fibers, which function to control speech, vision, hearing, taste, and smell). Four Siras (arteries) connect four sense organs, i.e. the nose, ear, eye, and tongue, to form the Sringataka.

The Panchgavya Nasya is effective against

Protects from Viruses
Nasal Congestion
Sleeping problems (Insomnia)
Improves breathing
Memory Power
Dry eye Syndrome
Jaw and Neck tension alignment
Eliminates mucus from Sinuses
Hair Nutrition

Thus the Vedic Churned Ghee when mixed with Panchgavya provides you with a new and fresh start every day. You can use this once or twice a day. The best suggested time is half an hour before sleeping. Thus despite all other ghee, the Indian Breed GAU ghee (Panchgavya Nasya) is the best because it is Satvik, which improves the quality of our brains and brings good thoughts. Thus, it is told that Indian Breed GAU ghee can be consumed by both children and old people to strengthen their brains and Central Nervous system.

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